Sea Leopard Charter

Supporting channel swim attempts since 2009

Ready for your adventure?

The Boat

Sea Leopard is a Lochin 33 Sportsfisherman with Flybridge built in 1984. It is fully fitted with all the safety equipment required by the Maritime Coastguard Agency to take a total of 12 passengers and crew under the Category: 2 (60miles from port).

The Pilot

Stuart Gleeson has been around boats since he was a teenager and around channel swimming for almost as long. Stuart has held a Yachtmaster Offshore certificate for the past 10 years, making him one of the most qualified channel swimming pilots. Stuart takes the time to get to know the swimmer, checks on them throughout the process of training to be a channel swimmer. Incredibly compassionate and devoted to the sport, Stuart is your ideal channel swimming pilot.

The Crew

Sean Marsh

Sean has recently gained his gained his yacht masters qualification and has been working with Stuart for the past 2 years. Outside of the swimming season, Sean owns and works his own boat and owns a local garage near Folkestone.

Stuart Adams

Stuart has worked with Sea Leopard since it first started taking channel swim attempts. He has a wealth of experience about the sea and is the coxswain of Dungeness Lifeboat for the RNLI rescuing lives at sea.

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