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Booking a channel swim is simple enough, but getting your mind and body ready for this challenge is the challenge. None the less, we have produced some simple steps for you to follow on your journey.


Email us on and tell us whether you want to book a solo or a relay slot and time of year you are looking at.

Begin training

Training up to swim a solo channel swim is hard and needs considerable dedication and determination to get to the start line. But it is also entirely up to you, but you should first start by analysing your own stroke and make sure it is as efficient as possible. You can then start to build up your millage in the pool over the winter and then start working up to longer swims in the summer. Swimmers usually book their swims 2 years in advance. For relay swims, it’s all about getting used to the water and making sure you are as comfortable as possible in the sea.

Registering your swim

For a swim to be approved with Sea Leopard, your swim must be registered with the Channel Swimming Association (CSA). Your registration with the CSA usually needs to be in before the mid-April on the year of your swim, including a medical examination from a qualified doctor. Please get the registration pack sent in as soon as you can to avoid late fees, as the UK and French coastguard must be notified early in the year.


Before you can attempt your swim, you must achieve a qualifying swim. For a solo swim this is 6 hours and a relay 2 hours. Both must be acheived in 15.5 degrees centigrade or less and in CSA approved attire (CSA guidlines).

Source: Channel Swimming Association.

This is all that’s required from an administrative point of view on your channel swim.

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